What's New?

Existing customers will notice several new changes.

Most importantly, this new website is built on an entirely different platform, which is second amendment friendly.  Gone are the days of flying under the radar and the constant worry about being shut down for violating terms of use.

Payment processing has changed.  PayPal is no longer an option.  They do not support this industry and do not want our business, so they won't get it.  I will accept payments via credit and debit cards online through a secure portal.  I will never see your credit card information.

Product reviews and ratings have been enabled!  This is an exciting feature that I have been lacking in the past.

You can create an account, and view your account, order status and history, etc. directly on the website and easily accessible.  Unfortunately, past orders through my old website could not be brought over.  If any questions arise on those, contact me directly.  I pulled that info into a file so that I can look up old history if needed.

You should notice an easier to navigate layout and there is some info about bullets and other things in the new FAQ section.  Current shipping times are simplified into their own tab on the home page and will stay updated.

If you come across any bugs, or notice anything else that doesn't seem right (typos, broken links, etc.) please let me know so I can correct them.  Also, if there are any issues with automated emails being sent (or not being sent for orders placed, tracking info, etc.), please let me know.  I can't fix issues that I'm not aware of.  Thank you for helping me make the purchasing and fulfillment of your orders and communication as easy and clear as possible.

 I tried to make this site look very similar to the old one so it's not so shocking and feels familiar, but it will undergo some changes in time, with updated looks, photos, etc.  But baby steps on that.  Too many changes all at once can be overwhelming.  But rest assured, this is the same T&B Bullets that you are used to!