What is the bullet hardness?

All of my bullets are 15-16 BHN hardcast, whether they are traditional wax lube or polymer coated.


Do you do hollow points, gas checks, harder or softer alloys, different colors, or other customization?

Unfortunately, no.  I can ship bullets as cast without sizing or coating, but that's about all I can do as far as deviating from my standard products.  I am a one man shop, and don't have the time or tools to do anything other than what is listed in the product categories.


What kind of coating do you use?

I use hi-tek coating from Hi-Performance Bullet Coatings.  The color I use is Black 1035, also known as Texas Tea.  It is black with some gold mixed in, which gives an oil rubbed bronze or antique bronze appearance.


Why do you require a phone number to place an order online?  I don't want to be called.

The reason for this is simple redundancy.  I always prefer to not bother people and will email first with any questions about an order.  But sometimes when a problem arises, the email given also contains a typo or other problem, leaving me no way to contact you to clear up problems and fill your order.  The phone number is simply a backup form of contact if email does not work.  I do not sell phone numbers and will only use them as a last resort if I need to clear up a problem.  Rest assured, your personal contact info is safe.


Are all items in stock that can be ordered?

Not necessarily in stock on my shelves.  But I am the manufacturer, so if I don't have it, I simply produce it.  As long as I have the materials and ability to produce it within a reasonable time frame, I consider it to be "in stock".  Think about it this way.  If you go to a restaurant and order a steak, they don't necessarily have it on a plate ready to bring out that instant.  But they have the raw steak on hand to prepare in a short amount of time.  I am a one man shop and occasionally get behind, but when I get more than a week out, I make it be known somewhere very visible on my website.  Most orders ship within a day or two, but the possibility exists for a slight shipping delay.  As mentioned, I do it all, and sometimes things come up.