Website has recently been updated! Some items may have moved. There is a new section containing the new Hi-Tek coated projectiles. A few pictures are missing, because I haven’t made them yet, and therefore cannot photograph them. Those pictures will get added as soon as I make them. The prices on the big bullets (45-70, 500 S&W, 480 Ruger, etc.) has gone WAY down! Lots of new bullet weights and styles have been added. If you see any bugs, broken links, or typos, please please let me know. I went through it in depth and I think everything is solid, but it’s very possible I missed something. I’m a bullet maker, not a webmaster, and after this, I’m planning on keeping my current career. A webmaster I am not, but I tried to simplify the menus to make finding your product fast and easy, and as always, the price you see is final. No added shipping or any other hidden fees added at the end. A big thank you to all of my loyal customers! I greatly appreciate every single order, no matter how small.