It’s been a bit since I posted an update, so I will take a minute and do so. I, along with the rest of the industry, am not caught up, but I’m beginning to make some headway on backlogs, and shipping times are getting a little shorter. I have a little bit of stock, but not much. Stock is spotty. But I’m decreasing my lead times to “asking for 2 weeks, but typically shipping within a week”. Local guys wanting loaded ammo, that’s still a no go, as the primer situation is awful, but I’m getting bullets out a little quicker than the last several months. Again, thanks for your business, and for your patience if you end up waiting. I’m doing some overruns now to try to rebuild a little stock, so if your order is in the same family as I’m running, it will go out pretty quick. If its part of a different family, it will take a bit longer. Simply luck of the draw, but most everything is shipping relatively quickly according to the current normal. I’m as ready as everyone else to get our old normal back. Thanks again, Travis


Guys, I’m being hammered incredibly hard. Please don’t think I’m complaining, but I’m getting worn down and frustrated trying to maintain the rep that I spent years building and am losing during this period of unbelievable demand. It’s not just bullets. I’m a commercial reloader locally, and I have ammo orders over 5 months old at this point. I have been trying to keep up with my website, but I’m beginning to slip. Materials are getting harder to get. I have ran every well dry, and they take time to recover. I’m holding off on shutting down my website, but I need to start paying more attention to my local backlog, and making ammo might be a nice change of pace and bring back a little motivation. Shipping times are going to get a little longer. I will email or call to offer a refund if I start seeing times getting unreasonable, but please cut me a little slack, and be patient. I’m doing all I can do, and I can’t do any more than that. If times are getting too long, please contact me directly to go over options rather than taking it up with paypal or your credit card company. I will take care of it, I promise, and skirting me will only result in higher prices for everyone down the road, and I’m trying my absolute hardest to keep from raising prices, but chargebacks cost me in many ways. I will take care of any issues. I reply very fast, even if I can’t ship very fast right now. Again, thank you all for your business, and patience. Things will get better. This is a short term problem. Travis


For those that read my updates, thank you. We are mostly out of the woods over here as far as threat of the Holiday Farm fire. It’s no longer hungry for our town, which includes my shop. The smoke is awful, but I will happily breathe in wretched, acrid smoke if the fire stays away. Our firefighters are beyond incredible. There isn’t enough thanks in the world to give them, and if you are a firefighter anywhere, not just here, I want to give you a massive, heartfelt, THANK YOU!!!! You, sir or madam, are awesome! Shipping and production is about the same. Asking for a month, but will most likely ship within two weeks. Travis


Figured it was time for an update. I’m still asking for a month on orders, but most things are shipping within two weeks. I just want to give myself some wiggle room, as I would rather say a month and ship in a week and be good instead of say a week and ship in a month and be an asshole. Although most that know me know that I’m an asshole, and I take that as a compliment. But still, better to ask for longer than I think it will take and come out ahead. But, there is a possible large holdup on the horizon. There are fires burning all around me in Oregon, and there is a very real chance it will consume my shop and equipment. I’m still business as usual, but, I may face the choice of staying and trying to protect what I have spent 20+ years building, or flee and let it go up in flames. It’s still an unknown at this time, and if I lose it, I will refund any outstanding orders. Just wanted to touch base and let people know what’s going on. As always, thank you for your business, and I will continue doing the best I can, as long as I can. Travis


PLEASE READ: Unfortunately, I need to increase order fulfillment times to up to 3-4 weeks. I’m doing all I can do, but falling further behind every day. My quest to keep up with website orders is slipping. Please understand that each and every customer and every order is very important to me, and I’m doing my best to get things out as fast as possible. I’m not increasing prices like some in the industry to try to curb orders and make bank on those that do pay inflated prices. I won’t play that game. Instead, I ask for patience and understanding as I work my way through this. Some orders will ship faster and some slower. It just depends on what I have and what I’m running. I’m minimizing machine changeovers to try to be as efficient as possible. At this point, I’m pretty much starting from nothing to make everything. My inventory, as well as pre-prepped supplies has been exhausted. I don’t have official limits in place, but I ask for people to please be reasonable with order volume. I will fill what I can, but on very large orders, I may have to give a partial refund and only fill part of it. Please don’t take offense if I do that. It’s an option I’m using to try to serve as many customers as possible. If I do that, I won’t knock you into a higher pricing bracket. I will honor the bulk pricing if I do a partial refund on a very large order. Thank you again for your business and understanding. Travis


I’m still running behind.  I’m doing the best I can to get orders out as fast as possible, but from the looks of things, it will still be awhile before things are back to normal and I resume fast shipping for everything.  Thank you for being patient and sticking with me through this.  Please allow up to two weeks for some items, as the vast majority of my stock has been depleted and I’m making bullets to order at this point.  For a more approximate eta, you can call me at 541-409-5527, but if it’s available to order, it isn’t more than 2 weeks out.  Rest assured that no orders are being lost, and I’m working my way through them as efficiently as possible.  Again, thank you for your patience, as I’m just a one man operation.  Travis


Figured I should post an update to let people know I’m alive. I’m very much alive and well. I hope everyone is staying healthy and well. The curve is starting to flatten, and I’m maintaining 1-2 weeks shipping time for a lot of my bullets. I have a few things in stock, and stainless media is shipping fast. I have a new set of molds being cut for 300 Blackout. They are a 225gr coated bullet. I have been making it for awhile, but haven’t listed it online because I wasn’t set up for production. I will accept pre-orders for that one via phone or email. If you want to know the exact lead time for anything before placing an order, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I don’t have time to manage stock levels on my website. If it’s available to purchase, it isn’t too far out from being available to ship. Again, thank you for your patience as I work my way through this uptick in business. Travis

I took a short break from production to answer a common question/complaint that I get from people. Why do I require a phone number to be entered when placing an order? First off, I do not sell phone numbers, or necessarily even keep them or look at them. The reason for this is redundancy. It gives me an alternate form of contact in case an email is entered wrong with a typo. Very often, emails are not entered right, and if that is the case, I have no way of contacting you if there is a problem with an order or I need to verify something. I rarely have to contact customers, but it seems as if one thing goes wrong, so does everything else. If I have to contact someone to clear something up, then most likely that will be the one with an incorrect email, and then I am stuck. Requiring a phone number just gives me a reasonable guarantee that I will be able to contact you somehow in case I need to, because I will have two forms of contact in case one or the other is wrong. I always try using email first. I don’t like to disturb people with a phone call unless I have to. So rest assured, entering a valid phone number will not result in more scam/prank/telemarketing calls. My website is secure, and phone numbers in my system are not accessible to anyone other than me. It just helps me to be as accurate and fast as possible. Accuracy is good right now, although speed is suffering because of the high demand. I’m working as hard as I can to get things out as fast as I can. Again, I appreciate your business as well as patience. Travis


Things are not slowing down. I’m still around 2-3 weeks on several items. Maybe a little longer. Maybe a little faster. Again, most things are listed as in stock, even though they probably are not. As long as I have the raw materials to manufacture the products, they will be listed as available to order. I’m just a one man shop, against unprecedented demand. I can only do so much, and I’m doing it, every day. Managing stock levels online is a lot of work, so I choose to not do so. I don’t have an IT guy or secretary on staff to manage the website, and I pull from stock to fill local orders as well. I would spend all day on the computer and get nothing done. I have not reached the point of turning online ordering off yet. I’m simply asking for your patience as I work through this massive backlog. Again, I can be reached at 541-409-5527 if you would like to know true lead time on a product. I am answering the phone, however, it won’t get it done any faster. But it can help you to know the approximate wait before placing an order. Thank you for your patience until things return back to normal. Travis


Shipping time is now closer to 2 weeks on several items. Again, I appreciate your patience. I’m shipping every day, even though it may not seem like it. All orders are getting worked in. I promise. If you would like to place a larger order but need a few hundred to get by, please let me know, and I can possibly work something out. My contact info is easy to find. It’s all listed plain and simple on the contact page. Email, text, or phone calls are answered timely.


Due to the unprecedented panic going on, I’m running behind. Some orders are taking up to a week or a little longer to ship. I’m working as fast as I can, while maintaining my standard of quality products. At this point, I’m still accepting orders. I just wanted to let people know this up front. If you need something right away, please call me at 541-409-5527. Sometimes I can work emergencies in if I need to. I’m shipping as fast as I can during this and I will keep the home page here updated with approximate shipping times until things return to normal. Thank you for understanding, your continued business, and sticking with me through these times. If you place an order and don’t hear from me for a couple of days, don’t panic. You are in the cue, and it will get done as soon as possible. You can always call, text, or email me to check the status of orders or before placing an order to check lead time. Travis


Due to much larger than normal demand, a few items are taking a little bit longer to ship than my standard same or next day. Most things are still shipping fast, but I’m running a little behind on a few bullets. I don’t necessarily list stock levels, because I’m the manufacturer, and if I don’t have it, I simply make it, and trying to manage stock levels online is just too much work, when I need to be producing the bullets. If you want to know the lead time on something, feel free to give me a call at 541-409-5527. I’m not more than a couple of days behind if I don’t have it on the shelf, but I don’t have a lot of stock on hand. I’m just a one man shop, and I can only do so much in a day. Thank you guys for working me to death. I really mean it. That’s not a joke. Thank you! I’m still trying to ship lightning fast, but I wanted to give a memo that there could be a couple of day shipping delay at the current time. Travis