Current Shipping Times


Everything ships USPS, so please give me an address that you get mail at.  If you don't get mail at your house, please give me a P.O. Box.

Southern Shine Media ships next day for orders placed before 8pm Pacific Time.

Coated bullets ship in 1-3 days.

Wax lube bullets ship in 5-7 days.  Wax lube bullets are made to order, and are the same price as the coated version.  I highly recommend going with the coated bullets, but I will continue to make the old style for those that want them.  Just understand that there may be a longer delay for wax lube bullets, as I do not stock them on the shelf anymore.

These are approximate times for most orders to leave my facility, not including transit times.  Please don't hunt me down and beat me up on the rare occasion I fail to uphold these.  I'm a one man shop and sometimes things come up.

This page will be updated if/when things change.