Stainless Steel Tumbling Media

Stainless steel tumbling media for brass. This is the media that I personally use for cleaning my brass in a wet rock tumbler. I believe it is superior to the pins that I started with. It’s a little more abrasive, so it cleans and shines the brass in less than half the time. It’s shape also lends itself to not get stuck side by side in flash holes or wedge themselves sideways in case necks like the pins do. When it’s new, it may contain a few pieces of carbon steel that will rust. This is only temporary, and doesn’t negatively affect the brass on the first uses. Over the course of a couple of weeks to months, depending on how often it’s used, the rusty pieces will disintegrate and disappear, leaving only the stainless bits remaining. It will last forever as long as you are careful about not losing it. It’s also magnetic, so picking up stray pieces is as easy as floating a magnet over them. This product is drop shipped from Southern Shine Media, but they ship just as fast as I usually do. Any questions can be directed to me at T&B Bullets or you can contact Southern Shine directly at

It’s recommended to pre-wash the media by itself for 30 minutes to an hour in the tumbler with a de-greasing agent to remove machining oils left over from manufacturing. I skipped this step with mine and just dove right in, but some people find the pre-wash to be helpful.

5 pounds is enough for a standard rock tumbler such as the Thumler’s Model B or Frankford Arsenal brass tumbler.

Price includes shipping